CBD & Cannabis for Endometriosis



Many women with endometriosis use cannabis and CBD for pain relief, and cannabis therapeutics may also limit the spread of endometrial cells around the body.



Cannabis Science Retractions: Few & Far Between



Cannabis science article retractions are infrequent and few researchers are helds accountable for fraud.



Cannabis for Gastrointestinal Disorders



A pioneer cannabis clinician reports that many patients with gastrointestinal disorders respond well when treated with a combination of CBD and THC .



Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Cannabis: Robert’s Story



A doctor’s account of a young man with Crohn’s disease who benefited greatly from cannabis therapy.



The Vaping Crisis One Year Later



Scientists identify synthetic cannabinoid adulterants in CBD vape oil cartridges, warn of “devastating toxicological consequences.”



Gut Microbiota & the Endocannabinoid System



The endocannabinoid system regulates communication between gut microbiota and the brain, and THC and CBD promote a healthy microbiome.



Hemp: From Mythos to Monoculture



CBD has both energized and blunted the new hemp economy.



Clinical Study: CBD Effect on the Liver in Adults



Project CBD seeks volunteers to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabidiol.



CBDA—The Raw Story



CBDA, CBD’s raw botanical counterpart, shows promise as a therapeutic compound for treating cancer, anxiety, epilepsy, and treatment-resistant nausea and vomiting.



Cannabinoids & Cancer in the Clinic



An oncologist and an osteopath discuss cannabis therapy for cancer patients.



Hemp for the Homeless



An innovative solution for street homelessness prioritizes medical cannabis and mobile hemp cabins.



Getting High by Mistake



CBD users can benefit from microdosing THC.



Making Medical Cannabis History



A Profile of Alan Shackelford, MD



A Salute to South Africa's 'Dagga' Advocate



South Africa’s cannabis community mourns the death of Julian Stobbs.



Endocannabinoid Discovery Timeline



Pioneers in the field of CBD and cannabinoid science have opened the door to new vistas of understanding human biology and physiology.



Feeling Corona-Crazy?



There are many ways to mitigate stress by boosting endocannabinoid tone.



Meet the Medicinal Mushrooms



Immune-boosting mushrooms have powerful healing properties.



Fungi Photo Gallery



Fungi have astonishing therapeutic properties. Several species of medicinal mushrooms strengthen immunity and promote neurogenesis, the growth of new brain cells, through molecular pathways regulated by the endocannabinoid system.



Hemp Farming While Black



African-American farmers look to hemp as an agrarian life-line.



Cannabis & COVID-19: Breaking News or Bogus Science?



A molecular biologist critiques claims that cannabis can prevent or treat COVID-19.